What is an example of an affiliate?

Affiliate marketing is when you sell someone else's product online for a commission. For example, an entrepreneur or an established company may have a product or a catalog of products, either digital or physical. They allow others to promote and sell those products, and they pay them a commission every time they sell something. Etsy (ETSY), a global online marketplace for vintage and other unique items, promotes its products through several channels, including test2 partners who participate in affiliate marketing. To apply, applicants must submit an online application through their affiliate program portal.

To be an Etsy affiliate marketing partner, eligible candidates must be at least 18 years old, have an active and unique website, have a brand identity, and meet other criteria. Sometimes marketers promote their affiliate programs by offering bonuses to anyone who buys the offer. For example, you can give a free e-book you've written to any follower who makes a purchase.

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